Promotor/a Outreach Program


Many marginalized populations in Utah face health disparities and barriers to well-being — they are often unfamiliar with local healthcare options and social service programs, and many fear discrimination. Recognizing the needs of this population, Holy Cross Ministries’ Promotor(as) — bilingual, bicultural outreach workers — strive to ensure that all families are healthy, safe and able to navigate complex health and social systems. Community health workers have been characterized as “bridge builders.” They play a central role in community integration and are key to every program at Holy Cross Ministries.

Health Outreach and Case Management

HCM’s community health workers help individuals navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and other social services. Their support includes assistance with applications for CHIP/Medicaid and coverage re-enrollment forms. They provide referrals specific to clients’ needs, access to community services, assistance to families applying for social services as well as ongoing support and advocacy. For more information, please call Health Outreach Program Manager Margarite Allen at 385-257-2423.

Clases prenatales

In order to promote healthy and informed pregnancies, HCM’s community health workers use group classes and one-on-one sessions to teach prenatal education to expectant parents. HCM also collaborates with Saint Martha’s Baby Project to provide free infant layettes to parents and caregivers. For more information, please contact Promotoras / Community Health Workers Esperanza Arias at 385-257-2422 or Tetea Woffinden at 385-257-2411.

Niños Especiales Familias Fuertes (NEFF)

To assist Spanish-speaking parents of children with special needs and/or other complex medical diagnoses, HCM’s community health workers facilitate Niños Especiales Familias Fuertes (NEFF) — a support group that aids these families in finding and accessing the resources they need. For more information, please call Promotora / Community Health Worker Esperanza Arias at 385-257-2422.

Familias hablando juntas

FTT is a two-series workshop that promotes effective parent-adolescent communications among families in order to delay adolescent sexual debut. The workshop is designed for parents with children ages 10 to 14 and is available in both English and Spanish. HCM’s FTT workshops are made possible by funding from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS); the Administration for Children and Families (ACF); the Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF) and the Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB). To schedule a session, please call Promotoras / Community Health Workers Esperanza Arias at 385-257-2422 or Tetea Woffinden at 385-257-2411.


Holy Cross Ministries works to ensure that everyone is able to participate fully in this community. Many individuals and their families face barriers such as language, culture, abuse and location. Your support helps us continue offering low-cost services to a critically underserved population.

Case Management Services for Victims of Crime

HCM’s Case Manager / Victim Advocate provides support and assistance to crime victims, identifying their needs by working closely with clients to develop safety plans and coordinate social services. Our advocate creates strategies to assist survivors toward self-sufficiency and stability during difficult times in their lives. For more information, please call Jakelinne Capella-Aponte at 385-257-2406.


Holy Cross Ministries Salt Lake City Utah
Margarite Allen
Padres como maestros (PAT) Educador de padres
Holy Cross Ministries Salt Lake City Utah
Esperanza Arias
Promotora / Community Health Worker
Holy Cross Ministries Salt Lake City Utah
Jakelinne Capella-Aponte
Promotora / Victim Advocate
Holy Cross Ministries Salt Lake City Utah
Carlos Flores
Promotor / Trabajador de salud comunitario
Holy Cross Ministries Salt Lake City Utah
Gabriela Orozco
Promotora / Community Health Worker
Holy Cross Ministries Salt Lake City Utah
Maria Zavala
Promotora / Community Health Worker
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