The Gift of Giving

Dear friends, 

Meet a proud mother, Janet Sanchez, and her son, U.S. Marine Sergeant Bogar Diaz. When I first saw this photo, I assumed it was taken at his Marine induction ceremony, since he is standing at attention and smiling ear to ear. But I was mistaken.

Janet is a survivor of domestic violence. Years ago, she worked with Maribel Real, Holy Cross Ministries’ Legal Immigration Program Manager, who guided her through the U Visa process (a visa for victims of crime), and then Janet trusted Maribel again to provide step-by-step guidance on obtaining her green card.

“The legal immigration team opened so many doors for me. Their support not only motivated me to persevere but also empowered me to improve my life and pursue better employment opportunities to help provide more for my children,” Janet told us.

She also said that HCM not only provided practical assistance but also emotional support, making her feel protected and facilitating significant positive changes in her life.

Janet’s son, Sergeant Diaz, said he has seen remarkable growth in his mother’s morale and outlook on life. “I give a lot of credit to Holy Cross Ministries’ support for providing my mom with a sense of security.” Her son believes that without HCM’s guidance, “It would have been more difficult for my mom to get to where she is now.”

The photo is actually from her naturalization ceremony this year where Janet became a citizen of the United States of America.

Thank you, for supporting Holy Cross Ministries and allowing this kind of story to happen many times over. 

With humble gratitude,

Emmie Gardner, CEO

P.S., Your financial support will help survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. We will make use of your gift to fund our immigration legal services, along with mental health counseling, health outreach, early childhood education and our new Medical Debt Legal Advocates program.

With the influx of refugees and asylum seekers over the last year, we need your financial help now more than ever.