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The COVID-19 pandemic brought great financial stress for Marta Ramos,* her husband Luis* and their five children, as it did for many families. Working as a house cleaner in Park City, Marta lost many of her clients as the pandemic progressed, reducing her family’s already modest income. But for the Ramos family, the hardship didn’t stop there. This spring, Luis broke his leg at his landscaping job, leaving him unable to work for months. Weeks later, the couple’s oldest daughter, Nina,* was hit by a car. When doctors assessed her bruised ribs after the crash, they found a tumor in her thyroid gland. The 18-year-old was diagnosed with cancer soon after.

In the aftermath of multiple devastating events, Marta says she was torn in a million pieces. She felt entirely hopeless, but she knew she could turn to Holy Cross Ministries’ Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program. Since Marta’s pregnancy with her now-two-year-old son Lucas,* Marta’s PAT parent educator visited the family twice a month, conducting developmental screenings, leading educational activities, providing resource connections and offering constant emotional support.

When we learned of Marta’s situation, we quickly connected her with one of Holy Cross Ministries’ trauma-informed therapists, who helped Marta ease her severe depression and face her family’s challenges with confidence. We also connected the family with rental and medical bill assistance programs and helped Nina get established with her own therapist through her school.

Months later, Marta’s mental health is improving. Nina’s tumor was successfully removed, and Marta took the initiative to set up a payment plan for the surgery. Marta happily reported that despite all that happened this year, Lucas has made huge developmental strides thanks to their continued participation in the PAT Program. He is now potty-trained and speaking in full sentences! Marta says she can’t thank Holy Cross Ministries enough for supporting and empowering her entire family.

Holy Cross Ministries Salt Lake City Utah

Dear Friends,


Your continued support enables Holy Cross Ministries to offer a comprehensive safety net for families like Marta’s. We currently have over 30 families on our PAT Program waitlist and over 60 individuals waiting to receive services from our therapists. Many of these individuals and families are also struggling to afford housing and health care, grappling with mental health challenges and isolated by language, education or economic barriers. I am asking you to please join us in responding to these unmet needs. Your gift will help provide critical wraparound support for those who have nowhere else to turn.



Holy Cross Ministries Salt Lake City Utah

Emmie Gardner

CEO, Holy Cross Ministries


*At Holy Cross Ministries we respect everyone who comes to us for help. While this story is true, the names and images have been changed to protect our clients’ privacy. Thank you for understanding.

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