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170 babies are on the way!

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We believe that all children deserve to start life healthy, and right now we are working to make that a reality for the 170 babies who are on the way.

There are so many moms in our community who are under great economic stress and the reality is that they don’t always have the resources necessary to aid their baby’s healthy development.

Your DONATION to Holy Cross’ Promotora Outreach Program will help ensure that more moms can impact their baby’s healthy development.

Click HERE to learn more.

In the Press

Holy Cross attorney honored by Prelaw Club – Intermountain Catholic

“Sr. Kathleen specializes in immigration law at Holy Cross Ministries in Salt Lake City, which also offers health and education programs … ( read more)"

With after-school program, Park City students are shining – The Park Record

"Kids who may not have opportunities to fully engage or participate in lesson activities during the school day, they have plenty of opportunities in this program.” ( read more)

Nuns for a new age – Salt Lake Magazine

The Sisters of the Holy Cross have long been in the business of aiding the strangers among us, caring for their health, education and souls. It’s a history deeply rooted in Utah, where… ( read more)

On the Town: Holy Cross Autumn Harvest – Salt Lake Magazine

Holy Cross Ministries raised funds for education programs in Park City at the St. Regis Deer Valley ( see photos)

Holy Cross sister ready to help the community in Utah – Intermountain Catholic

This is a discernment process; it’s a life of service to others,” said Sr. Laura...( read more)

Holy Cross Ministries raises funds for educational programs at Park City Rotary Club Christmas tree festival – Intermountain Catholic

It is important to us to ensure that families living below the poverty level are still able to afford academic resources..( read more)

Peer-to-Peer Learning Boosts Unrelated Programs – The NonProfit Times

That same realization is taking off around the country and the result is… ( read more)

Holy Cross Ministries' counselors begin program to build school as a community - Intermountain Catholic

These types of school-wide projects help the schools create a sense of belonging, which is essential to their growth and development… ( read more)

For Immediate Release: Benicio Diaz joins Holy Cross Ministries as Senior Staff Attorney

Diaz will further the organization’s 15 year legacy of assisting members of Utah’s immigrant community, which began in 2000… ( read more)

Utah Latinos celebrate third anniversary of Obama's protection of 'dreamers,' push safeguards for parents -Salt Lake Tribune

There are 43,000 people in Utah who will benefit from expanded protection… ( read more)

St. Vincent de Paul students keep a clear picture of who they are - Intermoutain Catholic

I was able to see students facing difficult situations overcome major issues and grow and develop… ( read more)

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